How Does Run 3 Compare To The Most Popular Online Games?

If you like jump and run games then Run 3 unblocked is probably one of the best ones you can get started on. It is fast paced to challenge your reactions. And it has unique levels to challenge your ability to visualize and keep you entertained.
When you compare it to other jump and run games, it definitely comes out ahead, because there are so many ways to fail and succeed. The controls are simple, but you will need to use them wisely. Let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

What Is Run 3?

In this game, your task is to control a small alien figure to help him find the way back the home planet. Lost in space, you have to navigate your way through endless tunnel systems. These tunnels are designed with obstacles. And if you run into obstacles or gaps then your alien will be lost in space.
Basically, you have to make your alien move left and right and jump. But that does make it sound too simple. Even in the first couple of levels you will find that it gets increasingly tricky. As soon as you fall into space you have to start the level over again.
What is really unique about the game is that gravity can shift. In the earlier versions touching the walls of the tunnels would result in the wall becoming the floor. But in version 3 that has become a lot cooler.
Essentially, all the shapes you encounter will twist if you come in contact with the side. The vertical side then become a horizontal floor. It takes a bit of getting used to. But it opens up a lot of new ways to get to the end of a level.

Run 3 Game Walkthrough

What Is New In This Version?

Each of the levels is now a lot tougher to get through. There are more obstacles. And some of them will seem like there is no way past them. To add to the difficulty there are some levels where it will go dark for a few seconds. To cope with that you have to look ahead and figure out your moves blind.

This version also features a completely new game currency. As you finish the different levels you will earn power cells. You can save these then to unlock different characters and hidden levels as well. The best way to earn a lot of power cells is in infinite mode. This is where levels just randomly appear with no end to it.

But just because you earned your power cells in infinite mode doesn’t mean you cannot spend them in explore mode. This is the mode where you have to finish levels to proceed. You should definitely take advantage of unlocking new features. The more you play, the more game play features you will get.


What Is The Run Game Story?

The story is simple but quite entertaining. Essentially, you learn more of it as you play the game. But here are the basics so that you know what you’re in for. The alien character you control was exploring space with his friends. This led them down a long series of tunnels that were too tempting.

Then when they wanted to return to their home planet they got lost in space. And now it is your task to help them get home in the run 3 game version. As you play the different game modes and levels you will notice a few things going on. In some levels, you see a strange structure in the distance. Could this be a wormhole that will bring you home? Or is it something very sinister? There really is only one way to find out. And that is to make it through the different levels.

The aliens you have available all have different powers. You start off with just the basic one, but will quickly get the skater who makes it a lot more interesting when you play Run 3 online.

You will need to unlock these different characters to help you get through all the levels. The ultimate goal is to get back home, and to do that you have to get through all of the levels.

What Are The Game Controls?

The game controls in the Run 3 game are pretty simple indeed. You will need to use your computer keyboard. For right handed players, it’s easiest to use the arrow keys. You only need the left and right ones to move from side to side. Up and down arrows don’t do anything, so just ignore them.

Then there is the all-important jump feature. Use your space key to make your alien jump. This will take some timing skills, but at least the key is large enough to not miss it!

For left handed players you can use the A and D keys to move left and right. That’s a convenient little feature to be aware of.

There is one feature to know of in the game that can catch you by surprise as a newbie. When you move left and right and touch the sides of the blocks you are running on, then the whole game screen twists and the sides become the floor. This takes some getting used to. But it’s a central feature of the game. And if you want to succeed then you’ll need to take advantage of this a lot.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the tips and tricks to use when you play Run 3 free on this website.

Tips And Tricks

When you start Run 3 online for the first time then the best thing you can do is just dive in and see how you get on. This gives you the important first experience and you’ll quickly figure out how it’s played. The first few levels are designed to be relatively easy. But it will quickly get more difficult.

To help you through the game so that you achieve more in a shorter space of time, you’ll want to take a look at some of these tips and tricks that we have compiled.

  • Watch Out For Arrow Tiles

    When you see large arrows on some floor tiles you need to be aware of what happens when you cross them. The ones that point towards you will slow you down. And those pointing in the game direction will speed you up.

    It might sound simple, but there are a few hazards associated to this. For example. If you hit a tile that slows you down just before you jump, then you might not make it the full distance you need to. Or if you get the speed boost, then you might jump too far and straight into a hole.

  • Crumbling Tiles

    In some of the Run 3 unblocked games scenes you will cross tiles that then start to fall apart into space. Most of the time that’s fine. You’ll run across them before you actually fall into the hole. However, the larger the tile is the more likely it is that you’ll have to jump to the other side.

    At the same time, there are levels where touching one crumble tile will result in all of them in the entire level falling apart. Sometimes that’s a good thing, because you know exactly where you have to head. But on other levels this will be a huge problem as it will create gaps that are too large to cross.

  • Gaps Too Big To Jump

    Whether you are playing on a mobile device or you play Run 3 free online you will quickly have to get used to getting across gaps and holes that are too big to jump. When you encounter these situations then you need to look out for opportunities to make gravity shift.

    You do this by touching the sides of the geometric objects, or the walls of the tunnels. As a result, the whole game screen will twist and the sides become the floor. When this happens, you open up a whole new direction to take and that might be enough to find a way with smaller gaps.

    It might also mean that on the next try you have to go a different route and start shifting gravity a lot earlier. It becomes a game of trial and error. And you’ll need some patience as well.

  • Blackout Periods

    Another thing to watch out for is that sometimes there are blackouts where the tunnels go completely dark for a few seconds. When this happens you really are guessing where to go.

    It always helps to try and look ahead in the tunnel to see what’s coming up. When it does go dark you’ll be a bit prepared to avoid falling into space. This takes some getting used to when it happens, but as you advance your skills you will improve.


How Does Run 3 Compare To Other Games?

The Run series of games is really unique and fun to play. You might find yourself stuck on levels for hours before you make some progress. But you will see that it doesn’t really get boring. Sometimes though, it can help to have a little bit of a distraction lined up.
In this section, we will look at some other games that you might like. They are all extremely popular online games. And you will likely enjoy these games just as much. To break that deadlock in Run 3 unblocked, just try spending some time on these alternatives.


  1. Return Man 3

    For any football fans this is a must play game. Yes, it is simple, but also very addictive. Your task is to control the return man to score a touchdown. First, you have to carefully catch the ball and then use the arrow keys to move to the score line.

    To help you along you have three defenders that will push and tackle the opposing players out of the way. Make sure that you stay really close to these defenders to avoid getting tackled yourself.

    As you progress in the game you will encounter some power-ups like speed boosts. But playing conditions can change from level to level, so you have to be careful what boosts you use.

  2. Get On Top

    A really fun way to distract from the usual jump and run games is to play this virtual wrestling game. What makes it so unique is that you need two players sitting side by side. And they need to use the same computer and keyboard. What you will likely find is that this will bring out some very competitive behavior.

    The idea of the game is as simple as the graphics. Using the arrow keys you move your character left and right, as well as up and down. The second player uses the WASD keys to do the same. You essentially try to push and shove to wrestle your opponent to the ground.

    The first player whose back and head hit the ground is the loser. Sounds simple right? But there are some great defensive moves you can use too. When under attack you can still win. It’s just a case of figuring out the best moves.

    Some of the best tactics you can employ are distracting your opponent to force mistakes. This can become very entertaining and is a great way to get away from Run 3 for a while.

  3. Bloons Tower Defense 5

    Even though this is a strategy game, you will find some of your Run skills will help. The main idea is to help the monkeys defend themselves against evil balloons (aka Bloons). You do this by strategically placing your defense to pop as many bloons as possible. While it sounds simple, there are many surprises hidden in the game.

    There is one main reason this is a great companion game for you to play. As the levels increase, you will have to make split second decisions for your best defense. These reactions are what you also need in Run 3. Therefore, you will immediately have an advantage, once you get used to the game controls.

    Study the different towers and bloons carefully and you will quickly figure out different strategies. You will likely become as addicted to this game as the Run series.

  4. Learn To Fly 3

    This is another great strategy game with a twist. You essentially need to help a penguin to get airborne. As they are flightless birds you have to resort to rockets and gliders. The aim of the game is to fly farther, longer and higher with every new level you enter.

    This makes it a very diverse game, but you still need to have some really good reactions. The controls are as simple as in Run 3, so you won’t need much time to get used to them. You essentially have to select different launch methods for each level. And once you are in the air use the arrow keys to control the flight. If you are looking for a fun distraction with a cool story line then this is a game to get started with.

  5. Strike Force Heroes 3

    This third person shooter is for anyone that loves action games. If you want a bit more diverse action than Run can provide, then this is the game for you. There are several versions of the game available at this stage. But they all have similar game functionality and controls.

    The main difference between the versions are the maps, and weapons available. You will not be bored with any of these games. With dozens of weapons available, you can pick and choose specific ones for each level.

    There is a little bit of strategy planning needed as well, which makes this quite a unique game to play. The controls are a little more difficult to get used to. Arrow keys move you in all directions and the space bar is used to fire shots. But you also need to switch between weapons and take evasive action. Try it out today, to see how quickly you can master it.

  6. Gun Mayhem 2

    While we are on the shooter style games, Gun Mayhem 2 is a must try. You essentially play a character in a platform-based shooter. The controls are easy to get used to, with the arrow keys being the main ones to move around. The X and Z keys are used to fire the gun or throw a bomb.

    For a simple game this becomes quite addictive and you will likely spend several hours a day trying to get through all the levels. As you advance, you get access to more weapons and power ups. These boost your ability to succeed so make sure you don’t leave any behind.

    The main aim is to shoot all the enemies on the platform. Or you can throw bombs that blast the enemy off the platform. The explosives are best used when you see multiple opponents in the same place.

    The cool thing is that it is a multi-player game so you can invite friends to compete. Try it out today and see how quickly you can get through the levels.

  7. Impossible Quiz 3

    If you are looking for a really good and completely different distraction then this is it. The name of the game does not hold back. It really does seem like an impossible task to get to the end of this game.

    The whole idea of the quiz is to try to trick and fool you into the wrong answers. This is done by use of puns, hidden meaning and double negatives. Each of the 120 questions can appear in slightly different wording. And the answers are slightly different as well so you will have great difficulty to memorize them all.

    The difficulty of the questions also rises. And it does so quite quickly. When you answer 3 questions wrong it is game over and you have to start over. To become good at this game you have to be able to understand the questions fast, as there is a timer that goes against you.

  8. Geometry Dash

    This is possibly the only great rhythm and beats game available. The game set up is simple, but you will not find it easy to play. From the very first level, there are many ways to fail, even with just one control key. What you have to do is hit the space key to make your object jump as it moves horizontally along the level.
    If you crash into obstacles then you have to start the level over again. And it is pretty easy to fail. You cannot directly control the speed. Only when you hit a speed portal will the game play speed up or slow down.

    What you need to know is that the beats of the music are very important. The more you hear and respond to the beats, the more you realize that the timing of your jumps are tied to the music. It really is a great way to combine great beats with a simple game.

  9. Kingdom Rush

    We probably have saved one of the best games for last. Kingdom Rush is a superb game brought to you by Armor. The game is essentially a fantasy tower defense game. In many ways, it is similar to BTD4. You have to place defense towers in strategic locations along a path to kill all your enemies.
    But your enemies come in waves so you have to pick the placements very wisely. If they get to the end of the path you lose. Each tower has a different strategy and you need to unlock these as you play through the levels.

    At the same time, your opponents change and become more deceptive. They have their own powers that make them immune to certain towers. And some can even completely go by undetected. Figuring out what towers you need is key to this game. It will certainly have you hooked and entertained for hours.