Angry Birds Unblocked


Angry Birds Unblocked

It’s hard to believe but Angry Birds has been around since 2009. That’s 8 years of brilliant entertainment with countless different versions. The majority of gamers will be using the mobile app version, but sometimes you just want a bit of fun while you’re sitting at your computer.

Your computer screen will also be a lot bigger than your phone and tablet. As a result, you can enjoy much more of the graphics and the details in the action. When the urge takes you to head off and try to kill some of the evil pigs, then you can always come back to this page.

When you play Angry birds on this page and you keep coming back, then your game progress will be saved. What you essentially get is the ability to practice your skills on the large screen. And you can always transfer that skill over to your mobile app afterwards.

To help you get the most out of the app we have put together this guide. It includes basic information about the game in general and how the controls work. It introduces special features and will give you some great tips and tricks. These will all help you to advance further and quicker.

Try Angry Birds online today completely for free. There’s no catch or hidden credit card requests. And you certainly won’t pick up a virus or have to part with your email address to be bombarded with crappy spam mail.

Just head right in and enjoy the fun.

What is Angry Birds About?

It all started with a pretty simple game idea in Finland. The game creator, Rovio, is a team of Finnish games developers who hit the Internet by storm in 2009. Practically within weeks of being released, Angry Birds went viral and has only grown since.

There has even been a feature length cartoon movie created that was a worldwide success. Essentially, Angry Birds is now a huge business franchise that includes games, merchandise and movies. But this article is specifically about the game and we’ll focus on that for now.

In Angry Birds your task is to help a group of friendly and peaceful birds to get rid of evil and menacing pigs. There will be more about the actual game story in the next section. But for now, just think of a peaceful island inhabited by birds being invaded by a group of pigs.

The only way to deal with this situation is to make sure you take down all the structures that the pigs are trying to build. This happens in a series of levels that become increasingly difficult as you progress. In each level your task is to take down the structures in a way that gets rid of all the pigs.

Only when all the pigs are taken out will you be able to clear the level and move onto the next. The way you do this is by catapulting small birds towards the structures to make them collapse. As they collapse the pigs that are stationed in the structures will start popping.

Only when all the pigs have popped will you clear the level and be ready to move onto the next. But keep in mind, you don’t have an unlimited supply of birds, so you will have to plan your attack wisely. It’s as much about strategy as it is about simple action.

At the end of each level you will get a points score. And that score will translate into a reward of 1 to 3 stars. Now, let’s take a look at what the game story is all about.

What Is The Game Story?

The game story is simple, and is told so much better in the movie that came out in 2016. But we’ll summarize it quickly here so that you get a bit of a background to what’s happening.

Imagine a small island with a colony of many different exotic birds. They all live together peacefully and go about their everyday lives. Kids go to school in the mornings and adults head off to work. Just like any other society. And why would birds not do the same?

Then one day a large ship arrives on the shores of the island. On board is large colony of evil pigs who are looking for a new home. And the birds’ island looks like the perfect place to start colonizing. But they are not peaceful or good neighbors. So, it’s up to the birds to come up with a strategy to get rid of them.

Initially it’s all about just trying to be friendly and live with the pigs. When that fails, the only way to deal with the situation is attack. And that attack means using huge catapults to send angry birds flying at high speed towards the town the pigs are building.

This collapses the structures and gets rid of the pigs so that they can live in peace again. There’s a lot more twists and turns in the movie story and it’s well worth checking out if you haven’t watched it yet.

How Do The Controls Work?

The game controls are pretty simple, but that doesn’t mean that the game is simple to play. On each level, you will see the structure the pigs built on the right-hand side. On the left you have a sling shot with the selection of bids you have. You have to play the birds in the order they come, so a bit of thinking needs to go into your attack plan.

One by one the birds are loaded onto the sling shot and you have to pull it back and select an angle. You do this by clicking and holding your mouse button on the bird and then moving it back. When you have picked the angle, you want you can let go and watch the bird fly through the air.

The trajectory and what happens after the release is dependent on the bird. Some birds have special powers that are triggered by clicking on the screen while they are in flight. This becomes a skill of timing and reaction as on the more difficult levels you have to get this timing absolutely right.

The tricky thing about the game is picking the right angle to hit the target in just the right spot. The better you get at doing this the more damage you will cause. And that will help you score as many points as possible.

Special Game Features

The game has a load of hidden surprises that are revealed as you play further through the different stages. The structures become more complex and the pigs get more protection. While at the start it’s very easy to complete a level with just 1 or 2 birds, that quickly becomes very difficult. In this section, we’ll look at some of the game features that will really give you an idea what to look out for as you progress.

  • Different Construction Materials

    A lot of different things are used to build up the structures. Some of the stuff around the structures is part of the landscape and no matter what you do you won’t be able to destroy it. What you need to look out for is the long and short beams of wood, steel, stone and glass.

    The glass ones are the easiest to target and will crumple on impact. The next stronger material is wood, followed by stone. These are more difficult to destroy and even when you break them on first impact, your bird might not do much damage after that.

    Finally, there’s the steel beams and these ones are really tough. It’s best to avoid planning to hit these. What you should rather do is use them to your advantage. When these heavy steel beams fall on pigs they do a lot of damage. So rather than trying to break them you should try and push them over.

  • Scoring Points

    At the end of each level you will score points. This depends on how many pigs and structural beams you destroyed. You also get bonus points for not using all the birds. The higher you can score here the more stars you will be awarded. 1 star is the minimum and you have to destroy all pigs to get that.

    If you really want to enjoy this game then you should aim to get only 3 star scores. That will become addictive. And you will have to build up a lot of skills.

  • Different Birds

    There are so many different types of birds that we could go on for the next hour explaining them. Instead we’ll highlight some of the most notable and fun ones. They all have different shapes and color, but very different effects. The important thing to note is that you can trigger their special effects by clicking on the game screen after they are in flight.

    The red bird is the most basic one. He just flies to the target and does damage. No real special power, Next up is the yellow bird. When you click on the screen this one will start flying at high speed and do much more damage.

    The blue bird is really cool when you click on the screen he actually turns out to be 3 small birds bundled together. They then do damage to a larger area. The black bird is like a bomb. Once it makes contact a timer goes off, Or you can trigger it to explode by clicking on the screen.

    The chubby white bird has a similar power When you click on the screen it will catapult out a small explosive egg. The bird itself will also accelerate in speed and do more damage. There are many more of these that you will encounter. The fun thing is to explore them and see what they actually do.

  • The Domino Effect

    One thing to be aware of when planning your strategy is the domino effect. As you know over part of a structure it can trigger other parts to be toppled over as well. That means that with one strike you can have multiple different sections gradually fall.

    As a result, you can spare yourself some birds and score higher points. This takes a bit of planning and experience. But if you start doing this from the first level you’ll make much better progress.

Tips And Tricks

The best tip is always to play as much as you can. The more time you spend in the game the more experience you will get. And that will quickly bring you much higher scores. You’ll also quickly start seeing brilliant ways to trigger massive domino effects that are fun to watch. However, to get you started on a road to success just take a look at some of these tips and tricks.

  • Take A Close Look At The Structures

    This is really important at the start of each level. You can scroll over ot the right and take a closer look at what is ahead of you. What you want to focus on is any weak points that you can aim for. For example, if there are glass or wood beams close to the bottom of the structure or near a pig, then you can aim for those. They will make the whole thing unstable and will likely cause most damage.

    You also want to look at how knocking over part of one structure might impact another next to it. This can give you good ideas to put your strategy together. You also want to look for where all the pigs are. Some of the small ones can be difficult to spot, so make sure you don’t miss any.

  • Score Points From Unused Birds

    One thing to keep in mind with your strategy is that you can score extra points when you don’t use all your birds. Each unused bird will give you 10,000 bonus points. That quickly adds up and can be vital when it comes to reaching higher scores to get to a 3-star rating for the level.

    The best way to do this is to very carefully check what the structure looks like. Some of them have some hidden weak points that you can target. Some can possibly be destroyed with just one bird.

  • Aim For Weak Points

    This is vitally important. Every level has one or more weak points that you can identify by taking a close look and then doing some trial and error. You will have to test out each point. And it might require figuring out the right order in which to target different areas.

    You might be tempted to knock over the structures closest to you first. But that might not give you the best results. You have to look at what birds you have and in what order they will be launched. Then figure out which ones will do the most damage in different places.

Start Playing Today

The great news is that you can play the game right here on this website. It will give you a great first experience and you won’t have to pay a penny. You won’t even need to share your email address only to get a lot of crappy spam emails. All we ask is that you like our page, and then you will have all the games available here for free.


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