Bloons Tower Defense 5 Unblocked


Introduction To Bloons Tower Defense 5

In the world of online gaming, the top spot always has a number of contenders and one of them is Bloons Tower Defense 5. As the name suggests, there have been a few iterations of the game with the latest version being number 5.

This means that the developers of the highly addictive yet simple game are always bringing new updates. It also means that NinjaKiwi is not interested in creating a popular game and then leaving it. Knowing that there have been previous versions is good, but you might be wondering what the game is all about.

What Is The Game?

The idea of the game is very simple. You need to set up monkey towers which will kill and destroy balloons or Bloons in the game. You might think that this is simple and fairly boring, but you should really give the game a chance before deciding. It’s like judging a book by its cover.

The game is presented as a war between age-old enemies, the monkeys and the Bloons. You are in charge of the Monkey defenses and have to strategically set up the towers to defeat the onslaught of Bloons.

In the early stages of the game, this can be quite easy as you learn how to use the controls and what the different towers are capable of. There are many different towers available to you and they will all kill the Bloons in a different way. Getting to know what these towers do and what upgrades are available is essential to your success.

What Features Have Been Added?

If you have played any of the previous versions of the game, you will notice some significant changes. The first is that there are now 8 different tower upgrades which is 2 more than the previous version of the game. This means that new and different tactics can be used in the game to overcome the Bloons.

The second is that there have been some upgrades to the Bloons. The camouflage bloon is much deadlier now while the heart bloon is much more difficult to kill than ever. This makes the game more challenging when you play.

Another change is the secret agent that you can deploy in each round to help you kill the bloons. You will have to spend some monkey money which you accumulate in previous rounds for this. You need to be aware though that with this change you can only use one agent per round.

The New Graphics

At first glance, you will probably notice less detail in the game graphics than in the previous one. This has been done to reduce the stuttering of the game in later stages. You will also find that it is much easier to tell the difference between bloons and towers, because of the simplified graphics.

If you enjoy the game as much as most people who try it, you can open a free account with NinjaKiwi using your Facebook or Twitter details. You will then have the ability to save your progress and you will have the option of some paid transactions. This does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy the game without paying for something, because the free options are just as good.

How Do You Play?

The gameplay is fairly simple as you are presented with a path layout which the bloons will travel for each level. You will then place your defense towers strategically along the path to kill all of the bloons. This will be very easy in the first rounds, but does become more difficult the further you progress.

You will eventually get to some stages that you may think are impossible, but you will also find it impossible to stop trying to finish the level. If you are struggling a lot and feel impatient, there are a number of YouTube channels dedicated to providing you with the solutions. You just have to make sure that the Bloons don’t kill you or your friends.

How Do Flash Games Work?

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is a flash based game and this means that you do not have to install software or an app to play it. The only thing you do need is Adobe Flash, but it is likely that it is already on your computer. However, if you want to play on a mobile device it might not work. Some of these devices do not allow Adobe Flash to be installed.

However, if you are going to play on a computer with Mac OS X, Linux or Windows then you can install Flash. To check if you have the latest version of Flash on your computer you should head to the Adobe website. The website has a Flash checker that you can use to ensure you are up to date.

The website will also tell you if you do not have Flash installed at all and provide you with a link to do this. Once the installation is complete, it is recommended that you restart your favorite browser to ensure that Flash is correctly set up.

Get Ready To Kill Some Bloons

One of the great things about Bloons Tower Defense 5 is that you don’t have to search multiple websites to find it and play. It is available right here on our website for you to get started straight away.

Of course, you will want to save your progress to ensure you reach the higher levels. To do this you need to get a free account with your Facebook or Twitter login.

It is highly recommended that you open an account to save your progress because many of the levels are very hard. There is nothing worse than having to redo those hard levels each time you restart it. Once you have completed a few levels you should try to exit the game and you will be prompted to register. This is completely free and very easy to do while saving you a lot of frustration.


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