Cut The Rope 2 Unblocked


If you couldn’t get enough of the highly addictive original Cut The Rope game, you are now in for a treat:

The sweet-toothed adorable monster Om Nom is now back, and the gameplay has expanded on a couple of features which players will fall in love with.

As of December 2013, Cut the Rope 2 was released for iOS devices. The game is proud to offer a greater emphasis on the story while adding to the fun by introducing new and adorable monster characters to accompany your game travels. In comparison the first game, the newer application uses a map-like structure instead of level packs, and in 2014 the application made itself available on Android, free-to-play!

Earlier we mentioned the new characters, and I wasn’t lying about the adorable part. Called the Nommies, they are colorful and add extra depth to the tricky levels that each come with. In addition, if you now complete a map with three stars, you can earn even more extra goals and rewards. If you’re a bit unsure about the new additions, don’t be worried, as Om Nom is still the star of the show, having been made even more animated and cute. He even has a small collection of hats!

Poking Om Nom will make him wiggle around, tumbling off cliffs will make him say “Wheeeee!”, and when you’ll see this little guy swim you will surely say “aw”.  Totally worth the time spent to get there.

The puzzles and gameplay, however, haven’t really changed at all. Much like in the first game, you will need to navigate your candy-craving monster to cut the rope in order to get his little treat. You might even feel like a genius when you figure out a couple of the puzzles, which is always an added bonus!

So, if you are to look at the main difference between Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope 2, you will probably notice that it’s the addition of the cute friends, the Nommies. They can be considered his little sidekicks, and who wouldn’t want 5 amazing friends during their adventures? Ranging from cheerful to almost apathetic characters, you will surely find one which will fit your personality.

All in all, the combination of fun intricate puzzles and amazingly-adorable characters makes for a virtual but incredibly cute and rewarding journey. Although it can’t be considered a long sequel, most players swear that it’s fun to play and that you will be smiling most of the time, and at the end of the day, that is one very important aspect of any game.

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