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Enjoy The Beats Of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is an addictive and fantastic game that is based mainly on beats and rhythm that are played in the background. Each level is different from the others distinguished by the music playing to the obstacles. The most unique thing about the game is you will discover that it is quite hard to master starting with the first level.

Games like this usually start off with easy game play so that you are able to get used to its controls. However, with this game, you need to be at the very top of your game right from the first time that you try playing it. That is because the controls are really simple actually. The only thing you need to do is get your icon to jump.

Timing each of the jumps is where the difficulty lies. You will notice jumps frequently align with a specific bass line or beat. If you have already heard of this game before and would like to learn more about how to play it best then continue reading our guide.

What Is Involved In The Game?

Basically, Geometry Dash centers around some fairly simple characters such as UFOs, balls and squares. Your job is ensuring the characters avoid any and all deadly obstacles that can kill you. They each behave in a slightly different way. There are upgrades as well that help you make it through the various game play achievements.

You must start the level all over again whenever your character dies, and getting all the way to the end takes a fair amount of skill. You control your character through pressing your keyboard’s arrow or space keys.

Your icon jumps each time you press the keys. You cannot slow down or speed up game play, without touching a speed portal within a level. You will quickly discover that the music’s rhythm is quite important. The more you can feel the beats the more able you will be to time your jumps and avoid being killed.

In addition there are numerous different kinds of portals that introduce changes to game play that are quite significant. For instance, the speed portal speeds your character up, while its size is changed by the size portal. There are so many objects that we don’t really have time to detail all of them. Honestly, encountering them by surprise is a lot more fun.

Unlocking New Levels

You will be given coins at the end of every level you complete successfully. There are 3 coins that are rewarded at every level, so you will save them in order to unlock new levels. There are 21 predefined levels, with 3 of them being secret levels. You can only play them by having enough coins saved up.

The first secret level is called “Clubstep,” and in order to unlock it you will need to have 10 coins. The other two secret levels are “Theory of Everything 2,” which requires 20 coins and “Deadlocked” which requires 30 coins. The game becomes more and more interesting the more you play and are successful.

Unlocking New Character Icons

You gather “achievements” as you keep playing the game and comment on custom levels, complete levels, introduce friends and encounter certain objects. The more achievement that you are able to obtain, the more color set ups and icons will also be unlocked.

Basically, that allows you to customize your profile icons to provide you with quite different game experiences to enjoy.

Endless Levels

Although you are provided with 21 different levels by the game makers, there are also millions of other levels you can access that other players have created. The game’s level editor feature lets you create levels of your own and then share them with other people. Some are very simple, but others that people have created are difficult to master and very unique.

Before you are allowed to share your creations, you first have to prove that succeeding is possible. The way you do that is playing the level and reaching the end without getting yourself killed. This must be done without any special upgrades in normal play mode.

What Are The Newest features?

Like with all of the upgrades that came previously, a new official game level has been introduced by version 2.1 called “Fingerdash.” There were only 7 official levels in the first versions, so you can see how much work has been done to improving the game.

There are also new obstacles and objects in the levels to make things much more interesting, meaning there are some new challenges for you to overcome. This is true with new achievements as well that provide your icons with a new look and game play.

There have been major improvements made to the level editors bringing all of the new obstacles, color changes and objects into play. This will result in numerous new custom levels being created.

You won’t be getting bored any time soon with all of the new features that have been introduced and new user made levels that are available.

Flash Based GamesĀ 

The software platform Adobe Flash is what makes it possible to deploy graphically based games and apps on various kinds of operating systems. Whether you happen to be a Windows or Mac user, it doesn’t matter. There are even Linux versions that are also available for you to use.

To play Flash games, it isn’t necessary to find the version that works with your computer. Instead all you need to do is to ensure you have the most recent version of Flash installed on your computer.

Visit the Adobe Flash website to do this and use their free version checker. That will tell you if you need to download the full installation or an update. Adobe Flash is totally free, which is the best part about it.

Play It Right Here On Our Website

Geometry Dash is genuinely a unique game that challenges your reflexes and skills. The best thing is you can get started playing this game right here on our website. You can start testing your skills immediately and find out which beats get you into a rhythm the best so you can win at every level.



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