Kingdom Rush Unblocked


Kingdom Rush Unblocked

Thinking of expanding your gaming into more strategy games?

Then this one is a great option you should not miss out on.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is here. It is the sequel to the very successful original version. The game can be classified as a tower defense genre. The main aim of this is that you will have to plan out your defense strategically along a path that is laid out in each level. You will be shown enemies moving along a given route within a few seconds of starting every level.

If you fail to prevent too many enemies from getting past and reaching the end of the path, then the game is over. There are many games like this out there. But this has been one of the most popular options. You can play it on iOS, Android, and online as a flash game.

This means you’re very much spoilt for options.

If you are looking to really enjoy the game, then you should consider playing it on a computer that has a large screen because it will be easier to see the graphical elements and enjoy the game even more. You will also have the advantage of precision during tower placement.

Here’s what you should do:

Continue reading so you get to understand the game, then you will be able to start playing Kingdom Rush online right here on this website.

Let’s go over some details first:

What Is The Game About?

As already said, the game involves a series of tower defense strategy levels. When it comes to these types of games, you will have to place your towers along a given path. Enemies will try moving along the path. They can avoid your defenses by choosing a different path or use some superpowers.

The powers they can use will range from camouflage or being invisible, to having extra armor that gives them protection. Your towers will also have different powers.

What does that mean?

Before you can begin a new level, you have to determine the towers you are going to need. You will then have to decide where you are going to place them.

Why is it this way?

This happens because your enemies will not be waiting for you to get ready. They will start moving within a couple of seconds. If too many of them manage to get to the end, then it’s Game Over! for you. You will need gaming skills if you are looking to avoid that.

Here are the most important skills you’ll need:

You will have to do a quick analysis of the level and identify the enemy troops in a couple of seconds. You will then have to quickly decide where you are going to place the towers. Lastly, you will need to drag the towers into position before the enemies start advancing too fast.

It sounds simple, right?

This will most likely be the case in the early levels, but you will start to find it harder as you progress. You might even get to a level that seems impossible.

How are the ratings of the game in the gaming community?

Both the original game and Kingdom Rush Frontiers have been received well. Kongregate and Armor Games have both given it the best-rated game status, and there are some good reasons why.

There was so much effort put into the game, and you will be able to see this through the combination of story, gameplay, and diversity in the entire game. There is no way you are going to get bored with the game anytime soon.

Looking at the game critics is also a good idea in addition to the positive reviews from players. Metacritic has rated the game as 89 out of one hundred while IGN gave it a 90. These ratings are high, and you will most likely be in agreement with them once you clear a few levels.

Now, let’s take a look at the background story.

The Kingdom Rush Story

In order to get to the end of the first game, you must have defeated a dark wizard known as Veznan. Frontiers picks up exactly from this place. But the spot of the wizard has been taken over by a new evil nemesis.

Malagar is the name of your latest enemy. And he has managed to escape into a certain region of the kingdom where he has been making a plan by creating new ways he can attack you. You will be tasked with leading the troops and getting through the jungle and desert. While the mountain ranges will add more challenges.

The story will continue to unfold as you enter every new level. Not to give you spoilers, but you will get to know that the new Lord isn’t the leader of your enemies. His goal is reviving the ultimate evil. He will not give you the chance to take your time.

Prequels and Sequels

Kingdom Rush Frontier is a sequel to the original game. Its story starts where the original game left at. This is a normal thing for games of this kind and makes it a great continuation.

There will be times when you will see the game referred to as Kingdom Rush 2. The confusing part of this is the fact that there is a prequel that has been thrown into the mix.

What It The Prequel?

There was another version of this game released back in 2014. This one sets up the game story for the original version. The designers of the game must have probably realized there was a certain aspect of the game that was missing. Following this type of approach will ensure you get the full story from beginning to end.

The great thing about all this is the fact you can play all three of them and not get bored. Your most difficult task will be deciding on the order you are going to play them. This is kind of the same as the dilemma many people have when it comes to the Star Wars series. Do you decide to follow the sequence of the story or the order of release?

This will ultimately be up to you. Whatever way you decide, you are guaranteed lots of fun. The stories will still be very entertaining no matter the choice you make.

How To Play The Game

In order to start playing the game, you will need to start a level. We have provided you with the Flash version on this website. So, there is no reason why you should not try out the game.

If you have previously played the other versions, then you will have an easier time understanding this. The controls are still the same and the idea has not changed at all. Once you get to figuring out the new towers and enemies, you will be in a good position to start dominating.

There are many tutorials and explanations that have been built into the game to help you learn. When you unlock a new feature, you will be guided on what they do and how they can help you.

Now, where does it all start:

  • Getting Started

    You will first need to select your difficulty level when starting the game. If you have played the game before, why not select a harder level from the start? You don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong difficulty level because you will get the chance to change it as you start a new level.

    You will also have the freedom to choose a game mode. The default one is Campaign, which is the main story mode. With this mode, you will have to clear a level before you move to the next. When you clear the level, you will be unlocking the Iron and Heroic mode for that level. This will happen when you get a three-star rating on the level. You might have to try a number of times before you succeed.

    The different modes will provide you with different challenges and introduce new enemies and tower options. Even if you succeed in completing the levels, you can come back and play again in a new different way. This means you won’t easily get bored.

  • Completing Levels

    When you complete a level, you will be awarded a star rating. The rating will be determined by the towers you have placed and the enemies that survived the level. The lowest rating is a single star, while three is the perfect execution.

    Your goal should be getting as many three stars as possible. You will find it harder to do this in the later levels. But that is where you will have the most fun.

  • Earning Stars

    You will be awarded different amounts of stars in the different modes. You will get one to three stars in the campaign mode, and this will be determined by the number of lives you still have. When replaying the level in Heroic or Iron Mode, you are provided with a single life and this means you will manage to get only one star. You can achieve up to five stars in the different modes.

  • What Are The Stars For?

    You will need to collect these so you can unlock the different upgrades as you move to the next levels. You will find it impossible to complete some levels without using upgrades, so ensure you get as many stars as possible.

    You will meet different upgrades to towers and spells as you move to the next level, and they will become more expensive. You will need to use one to four stars, but you will need to be careful when choosing your upgrades. You will realize that there are some that are more important than others.

    When you start noticing the current ones are not as effective against your enemy, it is a sign that you need to upgrade. Do not allow the upgrade time get wasted by doing nothing.

Available Platforms

The best way to enjoy the game is playing it on Adobe Flash through your computer. You will be able to get more precision placing the towers because of the computer mouse. The large screen will also provide you with great screen resolution.

You can play the game on iOS and Android. Many people have used them and can be a good alternative when you are not near your computer.

You should start by trying out the flash game and see. If you need to, you can switch to mobile later.

Tips & Tricks

If you are just getting started, ensure that you follow the game tutorials since they will help you develop effective strategies and walk you through the story. You will have many towers and enemies in the end. Understanding how all of them interact will become a challenge, but it is what makes it so much fun.

Here are some effective tips:

  1.  You will need magic towers to be successful because some enemies do carry armor.
  2. A ranged tower is needed since other enemies have magic resistance.
  3. On some levels, there will be a combination of different enemies that can take different paths. You should therefore build multiple different towers and determine where best you should place them.
  4. You will require artillery towers because some enemies appear in large numbers.
  5. You will have to upgrade the magic tower fully to defeat the enemies with very heavy armor.
  6. You need to get the ranged towers upgraded quickly if you want to defeat advanced enemies with magic resistance.
  7. Avoid using your troops against your toughest enemies since they will be wiped out and will allow some enemies through before recovering.
  8. While some enemies just do a little damage, they can deactivate your towers temporarily. It is best to use Rain of Fire spells to deal with them.
  9. The Rain of Fire is best used against enemies who would head right through your troops. First get the toughest one out of the way.

Who Are The Designers Of The Game?

Ironhide Game Studio was established by 3 friends who have enjoyed great success. Backed by a 21-member team working on programming and design they were able to release all 3 Kingdom games. Besides these you may have come across Soccer Challenge World Cup and The Olympians.

Kingdom Rush Frontier is probably one of the best creations from the company to date. However, this should not prevent you from trying out the rest since they all offer endless entertainment.

Is Your Flash Version Up-To-Date?

Prior to playing any game on this website, it is important to ensure that your Adobe Flash version is up to date. Adobe Flash is a platform that makes it possible for games to be played on Linux, Mac, and Windows without the need for multiple versions.

To get your update, visit the official Adobe website now and use the free tool for checking your version. The tool will let you know what version of Adobe Flash you have installed. You will also receive a free download of the most current version. Just ensure that you restart the web browser once it is installed.

That is all you need. You can now defend your Kingdom from Evil.



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