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Run 1: The Original Alien Jump And Run Game

Run 1 is the original alien run game and is a truly addictive game from the very first moment you play it. While the first version may not be as advanced as the later versions you will still find it great fun to play.

Originally released in 2008 it involves helping a small grey alien to run through tunnels. You have to avoid objects and more importantly holes that will make your alien get lost in space.

This might sound like a simple task but you will quickly get to levels that are increasingly difficult to master. Each time you lose, the level will start over and there is no right way to complete a level.

You can start playing the game right here, but to find out more about how you can master it just keep reading.

What’s This Alien Running Game About?

The simple answer is that the aliens you are helping have got lost in space while exploring. It is your job to help them find the way back to their planet. This happens through an ever more complicated system of tunnels.

In these tunnels, you have to avoid holes and objects that will result in the alien falling out of the tunnel and getting lost in space. What you will quickly find out is that gravity in these tunnels constantly changes. You will mainly trigger this by steering your alien onto a wall.

That wall will then become the floor as the tunnel suddenly twists. As a result, there are endless ways to navigate the tunnels, but this also forces you to have to think fast to find a way out.

In the main game mode, there are 50 levels provided by the creators of the game. These get increasingly more difficult and you will eventually hit levels where it will take you many attempts to find a way out of the tunnel.

There are different speed modes called Normal, Fast and Intense. These make the game even more difficult. So, once you complete all 50 levels you can start over in a faster mode and see how much of a different challenge it will be.

Two Unique Game Modes

To give you a really unique experience there are two different game modes.

Infinite mode is a great way to experience all the different levels and also the endless user created ones. As the name suggests, there is no end to the infinite mode. You just keep playing each level as it comes up.

This mode is ideal to learn the game and master different levels. It’s also great to give you exposure to the user created levels which really get some unique game play going.

In adventure mode, your task is to help the aliens back to their planet You have to complete a level before you can move onto the next one. The aim is to get through all 50 levels without getting lost in space.

As the levels progress you will find that they get longer and the number of objects in the way appear a lot more often. The holes in the tunnels also become a lot larger which means you will not always be able to jump over them.

Why This Game Is Still So Much Fun

Even though there are two newer versions of the game available you will still enjoy this simple game mode. If this is your first time experiencing the Run game series then it can be a lot of fun to go back to the original one to see what it is all about.

One new feature you will not have includes the skater. This alien character is not available until version 2 and it involves a separate set of levels. The skater can travel a lot faster and jump further. You will also be missing the orbs which allow you to unlock secret levels as you progress through the game.

But despite these being missing it is still good fun to go back to the original. If you have mastered the second and third version then it might be time to prove that you can also get to the end of the original one. All three versions are still available and all give a completely different experience.

Why Do You Need Flash?

Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform created by Adobe Systems. Flash is designed to give you the ability to run rich internet applications directly on your computer. The advantage of the platform is that once you have installed the software you can run any Flash based game or app.

You don’t have to go looking for the game installer that will work with your particular operating system. All you have to do is go to the Adobe website and use their free Flash player checker. This will tell you what version you have installed and whether you need an update.

Once you have Flash installed you are ready to go and will be able to use any other Flash based game or app. This makes it ideal for the developers of the game, as they just have to create it for one platform. It also makes it ideal for you as you don’t have to worry about game compatibility.

If you have a Mac, Windows PC or you prefer Linux systems, then this is the one stop solution.

Get Playing Right Here

To make it easier for you to get going we have made the game available right here on this website. This saves you the time to go searching for an online provider of the game.

Run versions 1 and 2 are not available as mobile app downloads and if you have an iPhone or iPad you will not be able to play them, as Flash is not available on those systems. The best option for you then is to play it on a desktop or laptop computer.

Get started playing Run 1 right now and see how far you can get on your first attempt.



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